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Races / Storm

Alignment : good
Ethos : lawful, neutral, chaotic
Max Stat : STR: 24 INT: 17 WIS: 17 DEX: 16 CON: 22
Classes : Warrior, Berserker, Ranger, Cleric, Paladin, Blademaster

Classes Available After Creation (not recommended): Invoker, Battlemage
Size : Large
Vuln : Mental
Resist : Physical, Lightning
Immune : None

History:[edit | edit source]

Centuries before the invader gods made their mark on Aelisus; the three giant races lived together on and around Hastawa Island. There were occasional skirmishes between the clans, but they maintained a multi-generation alliance until a war broke out between the fire giants and storm giants. During the peaceable times, each group provided resources to the communal marketplace at the island’s center. Giants did not permit traders of other races in the marketplace, and a simple barter system allowed the island residents to trade efficiently.

Hailing from the estuaries and oceans, the storm giants provided dried fish, woven textiles made of kelp, and tools crafted from shells and coral. Stone giants - masters of the woods and wilderness - provided pelts, lumber, and maps of the island. Fire giants dwelled in caves and around the Hatsawa’s volcano. Due to their remote location, fire giants visited the market less often than the other two groups, which would eventually cause a schism between the trio. Fire giants provided obsidian weaponry and precious metals, including copper and silver.

Physical Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Storm giants range in height from nine feet to twelve feet tall and are best known for their unique skin coloration. Ranging from azure blue to a deep teal, the coloration of a giant usually depicts the environment of their ancestors. While rare, river-based storm giants have the palest skin. In contrast, deep-sea storm giants tend towards darker shades of blue. All storm giants have highly developed respiratory systems and have little physical difficulty adjusting to life on land. Storm giants also have an innate affinity for swimming, diving, and sea navigation.

Features:[edit | edit source]

Storm giants are the most intelligent of giants.  They live in cities built underwater and on the land surrounding bodies of water.

Like all giants, storm giants have a size advantage over most adventurers and resist physical attacks.  They also share with other giants an innate mastery in bash, body slam, and enhanced damage, although their slow minds make them vulnerable to mental attacks and spells.  Storm giants are uniquely resistant to lightning and can travel above and below water without the aid of a boat. Their natural affinity for watery grounds grants them a large skill bonus when on water.

Society:[edit | edit source]

Storm giant society is communal and focuses heavily on the bond between storm giants and their allies. Ever wary of another betrayal, storm giants consider their words carefully and endeavor never to lie. While land-dwelling races cannot visit the sprawling underwater cities of storm giants, they are known for working with stone giants to create large dwellings on beaches and riversides to accommodate their guests.

Storm giants are free to pursue lives beyond their underwater cities, though they are always welcomed home with open arms. They are encouraged to return to find a mate when they reach the proper age, though many storm giants have delayed their return to the oceans and rivers in favor of exploring the lands.

Relationships with Other Races:[edit | edit source]

Due to their pure-hearted nature, storm giants have found kinship with elves and faeries, despite the massive differences in their societies. It is not uncommon for young storm giants to spend a few years perfecting their use of blades with the faeries of the Bungalow. If a storm giant is inclined to social interactions, they spend extended time with elven missionaries or diplomats.

Storm giants have an enduring hatred of fire giants due to their belief that fire giants broke the peace of Hastawa Island. While they will not attack fire giants on sight, it is rare for a storm giant to give up the pursuit of their fiery cousins once a battle has started. Storm giants are at odds with the other evil races and often take up arms in defense of their elven and faerie allies.