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Races / Stone

Alignment : neutral
Ethos : lawful, neutral, chaotic
Max Stat : STR: 24 INT: 16 WIS: 16 DEX: 17 CON: 24
Classes : Warrior, Berserker, Ranger
Size : Large
Vuln : Mental
Resist : Physical
Immune : None

History:[edit | edit source]

Centuries before the invader gods made their mark on Aelisus; the three giant races lived together on and around Hastawa Island. There were occasional skirmishes between the clans, but they maintained a multi-generation alliance until a war broke out between the fire giants and storm giants. During the peaceable times, each group provided resources to the communal marketplace at the island’s center. Giants did not permit traders of other races in the marketplace, and a simple barter system allowed the island residents to trade efficiently.

Hailing from the estuaries and oceans, the storm giants provided dried fish, woven textiles made of kelp, and tools crafted from shells and coral. Stone giants - masters of the woods and wilderness - provided pelts, lumber, and maps of the island. Fire giants dwelled in caves and around the Hatsawa’s volcano. Due to their remote location, fire giants visited the market less often than the other two groups, which would eventually cause a schism between the trio. Fire giants provided obsidian weaponry and precious metals, including copper and silver.

Physical Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Stone giants range in height from eight feet to ten feet tall and are best known for their bulky physique. While shorter than their storm giant cousins, they can perform acts of brute strength that no other race can hope to match. Ranging from light grey to dark shale, the coloration of a giant is closely linked to their home environment. Stone giants also have veins that run across the surface of their skin - though the number and location of these veins vary by individual. They are particularly proud of this unique mutation, and it is not dissimilar in appearance from the veins one would find in marble or granite.

Features:[edit | edit source]

Stone giants inhabit the wilderness of Aelisus, and live by using their brute strength to crush their prey when they hunt.  However, much as other giants, their raw strength makes them very clumsy when it comes to avoiding attacks. Stone giants are natural wanderers and are often found alone in places away from crowds.  They are largely ignorant of cities and laws.

Like all giants, stone giants have a size advantage over most adventurers and resist physical attacks.  They also share with other giants an innate mastery in bash, body slam, and enhanced damage, although their slow minds make them vulnerable to mental attacks and spells. Having no additional resistances, they also lack any true weaknesses. They are neutral in alignment.

Stone Giants, unlike storm and fire giants, possess the ability to use boulders as thrown weapons in certain types of terrain.

Society:[edit | edit source]

Stone giants have a deep connection to the wilds. Generally uninterested in political matters or the squabbling of other races, stone giants maintain friendly competition within their communities. On the eve of each full moon, a clan of storm giants will hold a grand feast and compete in events such as: tracking, hunting, and log hurling. More than one adventurer has run afoul of these games and returned to their home city to claim that the neighboring forest was haunted when the moon is full. Stone giants are also renowned for their crafting abilities. Chief among their exports include rare pelts and maps of the land. Some rangers have claimed that these maps are incomplete, but it would take a seasoned survivalist to notice any discrepancies.

Relationships with Other Races:[edit | edit source]

Stone giants maintain strong relationships with both fire giants and storm giants. While the betrayal hurt them, they believe that all three giant races are better off now. Elder stone giants preach that no race could stay on an island forever - and that the dispersal of giants across Aelisus has made them resilient on the whole.

Stone giants hold no grudges with other races, though they find the drow and duergar’s lives confusing. Why live underground when the bounty of the land springs forth from the soil?