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How to Fight[edit | edit source]

The first thing you kill should be a slime. They are very easy to kill and located immediately south of the starting point.

exam sli
A viscous pool of black and yellow sludge swirling and shimmers.
A corrupted slime is in excellent condition.

a corrupted slime is using:

(60/60hp * 100/100mn * 103/103mv)(1000g 1:00h (D)m 1750xp) 
con sli
The perfect match!
A corrupted slime looks just as disinterested as you.
A corrupted slime is smaller than you.
a corrupted slime appears to be common mob.

(60/60hp * 100/100mn * 103/103mv)(1000g 1:00h (D)m 1750xp) 
k sli
You have become better at spear! [78%(+2%)]
Your thwack hits a corrupted slime.
A corrupted slime is DEAD!!
You receive 442 experience points.
You hear a corrupted slime's death cry.
You get a ruined necklace from the corpse of a corrupted slime.
You get 2 gold coins from the corpse of a corrupted slime.
Creator gives you one gold coin for your sacrifice.

This pattern will be helpful. Examine the creature, consider it to see its strength, kill it, and then gain experience.

The following areas are recommend for good aligned characters:

  • Start in the newbie arena, killing slimes and working upward.
  • Try all of your skills/spells and develop strategies killing these weaker mobs.
  • Once nothing in the arena is challenging you, look to the second section of this article.

Use the consider command to see how strong a create is.

con sli
The perfect match!
A corrupted slime looks just as disinterested as you.
A corrupted slime is smaller than you.
a corrupted slime appears to be common mob.

Even the bravest warriors only tackle creatures it would take alot of luck to kill.

con bri
You would need A LOT of luck!
A scruffy brigand looks just as disinterested as you.
A scruffy brigand is about the same size as you.
a scruffy brigand appears to be common slith.

Not the 2nd line in consider is telling you alignment. Smile for goodies, Grin for Evils, and Disinterest for Neutrals.

Where to Fight[edit | edit source]

Neutrals can hunt anywhere. Evils can hunt anywhere, get a bonus killing good aligned mobs. Good can only hunt non-good mobs, so they are restricted.

Level 1-25 For Good, look to Breathing Wood & Crypt of the Risen, in that order. For the breathing wood, kill the kobolds first, and then try stronger creatures, and for the Crypt, avoid the webspinner (very dangerous) but kill skeletons on the first floor. Creatures get stronger at lower floors deeper into the crypt.

For Evil, the sewers are great and sort of catch all once you find all the areas in it. Requires a bit of exploration to really get this, but the reward is high once you have learned the area.

Level 25-35

For Good, look to golem workshop, which can take you around 35, but this area has some very unkind newbie traps in the form of the special golem rooms, so be careful! You can get to 35 in Crypt as well, but it might be faster at the workshop.

For evil, Ancient Forest is the best go-to. Whitetails first, followed by ursines. Arachnids might also be doable. Shire is also good with certain mobs.

Level 35-45 For Evil, continue with shire all the way up to 40 if they're patient. Slime Tree's where it's at though with bullywugs.

For Good, head to Isle of Exile and Kennels. The Kennels will work for quite a few levels and is an excellent hunting ground.

Level 45-50 For Evil, Bungalow is a very high opportunity space, but very dangerous. You can also stay in Slime Tree if you want a safer experience.