Mud clients

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All Operating Systems[edit | edit source]

Mudlet is a modern client which works on PC, Mac, and Linux systems. It uses LUA for scripting and has a very powerful mapping utility.

TinTin++ - TinTin is one of the oldest clients available, and is quite flexible if you're willing to overcome the learning curve.

Windows[edit | edit source]

zMud - Retired from development, this client was and is still one of the most popular choices.(Free 30 day trial)

CMud - The new and improved zMud, CMUD is faster and offers a variety of new 'features'. (Free 30 day trial)

MUSHclient - A powerful client with many scripting languages, active boards, and good support. The client is also freeware, which is a plus. (Freeware)

Mac OS[edit | edit source]

MudWalker - Last release was around 2005. Dated but usable.

Atlantis - Designed from the ground up entirely in Cocoa, and integrates with system services — such as the Mac OS X spellchecker — as much as possible.

UNIX[edit | edit source]

TinyFugue - TinyFugue is a Unix MUD Client with a minimal interface and incredibly powerful scripting support. It's command line based.

Irssi is first of all a text-based IRC client for Unix-like systems, but can also run command-line programs such as telnet in the same session. It is script-able with Perl.