Mind link

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Syntax[edit | edit source]

stalk <target>

control leopard


Description[edit | edit source]

Once rangers have gained sufficient knowledge of the forest and their inhabitants, they are able to learn a skill called mind link.   This ability allows the ranger to better communicate with the beasts that he has called to his aid.  By exploiting the abilities of these beasts they will be able to better hunt and survive in the realms.  However, since the connection between the ranger and his beast is so strong there might be unforeseen repercussions.

'Stalk <target>' This allows the raven to fly into the room of the target, and the ranger will be able to see the room through the eyes of the raven.

'Control leopard' This allows the ranger to take over all functions of a leopard, allowing ranger to become leopard.  However, this leaves the body vulnerable and unprotected.  Also, if the ranger does not return to the body within six ticks as shown by the affect of mind link, the body will cease all life support, taking the mind with it. 'Break'  Allows the ranger to return to his body.

With mind link, other animals have extra abilities enabled. Displacer beasts will sacrifice themselves in place of their master while being summoned. Mammoths will sometimes take hits in place of their master.