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Immortals / Immortals Immortal staff are just a few of the religious pantheon, but help oversee the administrative tasks of Aelisus.
Immortal Cabal Quest Religion
NigmuthNoneHead Coder Neutrality
SidrEmpireExternal Resources/Staff Order
DevortrixOccultHead Builder Chaos
Hadwyn SacariIn-Game Programmer Faith

Contacting Staff[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to contact staff if you need them :

In Game[edit | edit source]

Prayer - By using 'pray <message>' in game, we are all notified, whether in game or not.

Bug - 'bug <message>' notifies us of your room and character name and automatically creates a ticket on our project manager.

Typo - 'typo <message>' similarly notifies us and creates a ticket.

Out Of Game[edit | edit source]

Discord - Our Discord is the main community hub, and you can always find help there.

Email - You can contact us at