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Example of destroying an Idol:

Syntax: use idol

You attempt to use a simple idol of equilibrium.

As you exert force upon the idol, it cracks and shatters!

You feel a shudder as the influence of equilibrium is lessened.

Example of donating an Idol to increase influence:

Syntax: give idol acolyte

You give a simple idol of equilibrium to an acolyte of Equilibrium.

You hand the idol to acolyte and they offer it up to the forces of equilibrium.

You feel a rush as the influence of equilibrium is bolstered!

As you adventure throughout the lands, you will run across simple and ornate idols. You can break them via the USE IDOL command. Breaking an idol will decrease the influence of that religion across Aelisus. You can also donate idols to the temple they are aligned to, which will increase that religion's influence. Idols are purposefully rare and one should not expect to gain idols by slaying foes that are noticeably weaker than themselves. Idols give more influence if donated by a follower of a matching religion. (E.g. Death follower donating an idol to the Death acolyte). Ornate idols give more influence than simple idols.

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