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Atheln[edit | edit source]

Atheln the city of good, in the west, surrounded by the breathing wood, which has enough creatures to get you to level 15 or more, and there is a crypt in the wood that can take you clear to 30. It will have ready access to food, other players, and all the conveniences of life.

Caelwyn[edit | edit source]

Caelwyn is the city of darkness, in the east, built and underground and connected to sewers instead of a forest, as it is a dark and foreboding place. The sewers will take you far along your path, at which point you venture above ground, and head north to the forest of the ancients.

Mugger's alley[edit | edit source]

Mugger's alley is a more challenging hometown and is not recommend for new players. It is directly next to a high level, dangerous place with aggressive monsters that attack on sight.