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A description is a vital part of creating a character in Aelisus. The description process has a few steps:

  1. Write a description and spell check it
  2. Format your description
  3. Use the &DCHECK command to submit your description to the Immortals for review. There is no need to pray for a description check.

Description Syntax[edit | edit source]

Syntax Result Examples & Notes
description <string> Sets your description to <string> description This lithe elf has shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes.
description + <string> Adds <string> as a new line description + This lithe elf has shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes.
description - Removes last line
description format Formats the description
description edit Enters the description editor Note: You can type @ <enter> on an empty line to exit the editor.

See HELP EDITOR for additional info on Description Editor.

Description Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  • Your description should be formatted to 70 letters per line or fewer.
  • Use word processor to write/format/spell check your description, then paste it into the mud's description editor. (See: HELP EDITOR)
  • Your description should be like a picture frozen in time - there should be no actions being performed, only descriptions of what the character looks like, or looks like he is doing.
  • You should never force the looker to do, feel or think anything.
    • The looker should make up their own minds about who you are, and what you might be doing.
  • The description should describe you, not your history.
    • Concentrate on describing your characters stance, face, body, and their equipment.  Not who they are, and where they came from.
  • Do not say how powerful, fearful, or deadly you are.
    • The description is not the place to "stroke your ego" by saying how powerful you are and how fearful you look.
  • You may include descriptions of equipment that you would like your character to wear (family crested shields, particular sword etc.) since it is understood that the actual game equipment changes too often.
  • When you are done your description and it has been formatted and spell checked submit a Description Check (&DCHECK) once and wait for approval.
    • To submit a description check, simply type '&DCHECK'.