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Races / Demon

Alignment : evil
Ethos : chaotic
Max Stat : Varies by Demon Lord
Classes : Any Class capable of being Evil
Size : Varies by Demon Lord
Vuln : Summon
Resist : None
Immune : Curse


Demons are chaotic beings, always looking for mortal shells to possess, and eventually, consume. While they draw power from the void and Devortrix, Demons are solitary entities with no loyalty to anyone but themselves. The great demons of Aelisus are Dolvathax, Thagmunnok, Thozganod, and Volgumath. They prey on the mortals of Aelisus, waiting to take their souls at any given moment with the right opportunity. These Demon lords have limitations, however. Their combined entropy of souls are much too powerful to exist within a mortal shell for too long, and will eventually expire and return to Hel. However, they can extend their tenure in the land of mortals by slaying others to extend their lifespan. They gain especially significant strength from slaying their Demon counterparts and consuming a large number of souls. The  more time a Demon lord has accrued, the more powers it will have available.

Usual Height

Demons come in many shapes and sizes, and limiting them to one would be folly as they change to suit their whims or when they inhabit new shells (mortal beings).


Demon Lord hail from the Plane of Hel.


Demon Lords believe themselves to be their own religion. While they are born of Chaos and thus subject to the whims of Devortrix, they are loathe to follow or kneel to any but themselves, despite being outmatched in power.

Physical Features

Demons are not living beings, but nor are they dead or undead. They are the result of a thousand damned souls intertwined into a single mind with vellum as a catalyst. Since they are already doomed by the gods they are immune to the curses some may attempt to bind them with. Having no normal spoken dialect, they speak only telepathically augmenting their power with magic in order to be heard by others. No two demons born by the possession of a human host ever look the same. This is due to the very individual process of combination which involves using distinct souls that are attracted to certain vices. All demons have wings of different sizes, shapes and material. Horns and claws are also common within the demon horde. Demons have a distinct lack of pupils, and it is believed that it was this appearance which birthed the saying "the eyes are the gateway into the soul". They do not sweat, instead their skin releases a pungent dark liquid.


Demons do not work with others, nor do they blend in any fashion with society. They are chaotic and entropic to such a degree that they do not even work with each other, instead seeing other Demons as rivals to their power. It is even common for Demons to destroy each other in order to claim dominion over the souls claimed by other demons, therefor furthering their power more.

Relationships with Other Races

Demons view other races as cattle for the culling. Size and intelligence have no bearing on how a Demon views a mortal. Even when outmatched, Demons belief all other races are significantly inferior and would never speak a word of kindness or encouragement unless it was based in deceit.

Quest Race Requirements

Classes: Any class capable of being Evil
Race: Any evil race
Level: Any

Any creature with Evil in its heart and Chaos coursing through its veins may be approached by a Demon Lord. In order to achieve this, the character must engage in the murder of another, and be known well enough through the system of renown - No demon wishes to possess a nobody, or someone incapable of killing.