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What is a Cabal[edit | edit source]

A Cabal is an organization of elite individuals which has a specific goal, agenda and exotic powers granted to them by the Immortals. They offer a chance for deeper, more advanced role-play, new friends, opportunity to ascend in cabal ranks and gain respect, power, and loyalty of their members. The Cabals of Aelisus are for the most part, player controlled, from inducting new members, to forming alliances or declaring vendettas against other cabals. Your chances for induction and future possibilities in them, are dictated solely by your relationship with its members and their opinion of you.

How to Join[edit | edit source]

Once you have achieved your 20th rank, and possess 15,000 gold, seek out the cabal headquarters and make payment to join. From there, you must climb the ranks through a combination of time & renown, a currency gained only by interacting with other players.

  • SACARI - Forsworn/Predator - These members have an uncontrolled kinship with nature and the physical world.
  • OCCULT - Voidmancer/Chronomancer - These mages are space and time mages with unparalleled magical power.
  • EMPIRE - Imperial/Sentinel - These law enforcers run the cities and arrest criminals, doling out punishment as they see fit.
  • SOCIETY - A unique cabal with a clear focus on PvE and RP. Members can affiliate with any other cabal or none at all.